Automate your Target Market Determination  Creation and Dissemination

FE fundinfo has developed a range of DDO Technology Solutions to help Product Issuers and Distributors meet the product design and distribution obligations ahead of the 5 October 2021 deadline.

Thanks to our extensive capabilities in data, dissemination and regulatory compliance, our automated, scalable and user-friendly solutions can alleviate the challenges you may have in meeting your regulatory requirements, while also helping you optimise your resources and reduce your risk.

DDO Solutions:

    Automated Target Market Determination creation and dissemination to ensure timely delivery to relevant distributors, investors and platforms. 
    Collection, validation and dissemination of whole of market, raw TMD fund data, daily fund prices, static data, RG97 fees and costs. 
    Customised Document Feed service enables fund distributors to integrate and access large numbers of fund documents across their existing applications and online platforms via APIs or hosted static links.
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